Goldilocks Wraps

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Alcove carries Goldilocks Wraps, the all natural, eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap.

Goldilocks Wraps are handmade with love in Victoria, BC using locally sourced beeswax. Their goal is to combat single use plastics by replacing them with something that is not only practical, but beautiful as well!

Use the beeswax wraps to preserve food like fruits and veggies you have cut into, cheese that has been opened, storing herbs and lettuce. Cover bowls or plates with leftovers, wrap up a sandwich to take in your lunch, or snack packs can be folded to replace plastic bags to bring raw veggies or nuts.

Uses are not just limited to the kitchen either. Wrap your soap or toothbrush when travelling. Bring your dog treats with you in them while out on a walk or create a makeshift water bowl on-the-go. The possibilities are endless!