Far Sky Maps

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At Alcove we sell a large selection of Far Sky Maps. Here is the story behind the makers…

Ben and Jenn are the owners of Far Sky Map Works… and it’s with them that the story begins.Ben studied cartography at university, and following his passion for making maps, Ben began to map the story of the couple’s journey together. Out of this, Far Sky Map Works was born. Far Sky maps capture memories – memories of your hometown, your adventure, and everything in between… and they look awesome.

“Here at Far Sky, we try to take map art to a completely new level. I’m not an artist… I’m a cartographer and I have years of training and education to help me create a piece that is not only artistically pleasing but geographically accurate and precise.”

“I’ve been surrounded by art and maps my whole life. My family history includes my great grandfather C.W. Jefferys, an artist who was instrumental in the creation of Canada’s Group of Seven, and Thomas Jefferys, geographer to King George III in the 1700s.”

“I’ve visited or lived in every place I’ve mapped. I believe that having a personal connection with each location gives me the passion to make a better map by considering the experiences I’ve had, the people I’ve met, and the beauty of each landscape.”