Allison Tremain

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Allison Tremain is a Ucluelet based artist focused on capturing the natural world that surrounds her. Alcove stocks a variety of her lino prints on local upcycled wood and fine art cards.

Here is an excerpt from Alison’s artist statement: The landscape here is bountiful in it’s complexity and colour. I felt compelled to start depicting the flora and fauna that surrounds me just outside my doorstep. From a flash of a fish or the flick of a whale tail, I try to capture these split second moments. Other times exploring the beaches and rainforest, I seek out more slow intimate scenes discovering washed ashore treasures, intertidal creatures, and layers of the forest.

My transition from what I see as a linear reductive brain to opening up myself to the creative circular divergent self has allowed me to let go of the scientist’s questions and answers. I now embrace the beautiful mystery of nature and in result I have opened up the ‘artist’s eye’ capturing the colours, textures, and subject matter in my own personal way.