Gardener’s Gratitude Journal

Visit Alcove to check out the recently released book, Gardener’s Gratitude Journal by Donna Balzer and Chelsie Anderson.

Lumen Handmade Candles

Artisan, hand-poured soy wax candles made in Cumberland, BC!

Alcove carries lots of non-GMO soy candles created by Lumen! You can choose from unscented or scented with essential oils.

Kama Natural Soap

Natural soap handmade on Salt Spring Island, BC!

Committed since 1997, Kama has been providing luxurious, hand made, plant based soap and body care products using pure essential oils for scent and herbs and grains for color and texture.

Úlfhédinn Forge and Blade

Hand forged goods from Parksville, BC!

We have many hand forged items in the shop made by Benjamin Welburn from Errington, BC. Ben, a long time resident of the Parksville area has a passion for sustainable and self sufficient living, enjoys blacksmithing as a way to re-purpose items and create beautiful and functional items for every day use.

Rea Harfield Jewelry

Creating rugged elegance with passion!

Rea Harfield’s jewelry is hand fabricated using ancient techniques such as fusing, granulation, engraving, and repousse. These combined with modern processes such as salt water etching and a rolling mill help create the depth and texture she sees in nature. Her nature inspired pieces are now available at Alcove.

Very Mary Designs

Beautifully hand-made one of a kind hats – designed and sewn on Vancouver Island.

With a love for fabric, colour, and garment construction, Mary offers one of a kind hats and caps. Each hat is unique and special – no two hats are the same. All the hats are reversible. Many are waterproof. Mary has always preferred natural fabrics with lots of colour and texture. She ​sources her fabrics from many different places: second hand shops, garage sales, local fabric shops, and from her wonderful customers who often donate boxes of unused fabrics.
Visit Alcove to see all the unique creations by Very Mary Designs!

Morija Designs

All cloth is handwoven or cut from premium, natural silk or silk blends. Morija Designs believes in methodically creating handmade items that you will wear for a lifetime. These treasures are to be pulled from your closet as timeless pieces that reflect your own unique beauty and choice to live and buy sustainably. Morija uses natural dyes and hand looming techniques. Fabrics and yarns are sourced ethically and each piece passes through her hands to ensure quality of craftsmanship.

Zula Jewelry + Design

Alcove carries the beautiful, nature inspired jewelry from Zula Jewelry + Design. Here is how creator Urszula describes her work: “By collecting objects from nature such as; leaves, twigs, seeds, roots, and bones, then studying these shapes, I create wearable pieces that speak to my wonder and gratefulness of the natural world. I use the imprints of leaves to texture metal, I use the shape of bones to create structure for a piece and I use branches and roots to bring a new perspective to the admirer and wearer”.

I completed a diploma in Jewelry Art and Design from Vancouver Community College in 2010. My signature collection is called Leaf Print, which is a series of jewelry pieces with an embossed leaf motif. In addition to wearable everyday jewelry, I make one of a kind art jewelry and sculpture. I also have created the NEON LOVE and BLACK STAR collections in acrylic. In 2013, I was the recipient of the Vancouver Mayor’s Arts Award as emerging artist in Craft and Design.”

Heritage Workshop & Gallery

Alcove carries a wide variety of Heritage Bird Shanties and wind chimes by the Heritage Workshop & Gallery. The Heritage Bird Shanties are one of a kind decorative bird homes, hand crafted on Salt Spring Island at the Heritage Workshop and Gallery by resident artisans Frank Ens and Michelle Gojkovich. Each unique Shanty is constructed of recycled, weathered cedar shakes, untreated, recycled lumber, and found driftwood pieces from the west coast of Vancouver Island.

JK Beadworks

Alcove is pleased to carry JK Beadworks by Jodene Kilner. Born and raised on Vancouver Island, adventured out and travelled to many countries, states and provinces, inspired by all she has seen, felt and experienced. She is now content in Coombs, continuing to create with a bead loom in one hand and reins in the other, she is ever grateful of her life, her loves and her gifts. All this shows in her vibrant and distinctive handmade work of loomed bracelets, chokers and earrings, genuine Turquoise drop necklaces with suede tassels, hand beaded earrings and more.

From her bead box in the past to her bead room in the present she is delightfully immersed in a world of endless possibilities, consistently pleasing her heart and head. Influenced by both her travels and her island surroundings, one is drawn to her stunning and original creations of color combinations, style and design. With a life time of collecting beads from far away places or her grandmother’s bead box or various nooks and crannies along the journey, there is always something special and unique in every piece she fashions.

The Cascadia Soap Company

Alcove carries a variety of products by Cascadia Soap Company, a small family enterprise dedicated to the creation of natural skin care products. Joel, the original Cascadia founder, was born on a small farm and vineyard in the South of France. There, he observed his mother making soap the old fashioned way. For his family, the tradition of using available botanicals in the making of soaps, remedies, and infusions goes back many generations in the South of France. Over the years, Joel and his wife Maureen kept this tradition alive in Canada by collecting rose hips after the first frost and picking tender dandelions in early Spring to make salves and balms as required.

Living Earth Pottery

Lightweight and refined, Living Earth Pottery is durable stoneware crafted with care and intention. All pieces are oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. Come into Alcove to check out the teapots, mugs and other ceramics created by Living Earth Pottery.

Saltspring Soapworks

For over 40 years, Saltspring Soapworks have been creating products rich in organic ingredients and natural botanicals. Today, they offer a complete line of handmade natural soaps as well as skin, hair, and body care products. Come in to Alcove to sample their amazing products including soaps, bath bombs, shampoo bars and scrubs!

Salt Spring Sea Salt

Alcove stocks range of Salt Spring Sea Salt including Natural, Lemon Zest and Rosemary Garlic. This fine salt is harvested in the waters around Salt Spring Island. It is evaporated, sifted, prepared, packed and labeled personally and carefully by hand.

Salt Spring Sea Salt makers are proud to use only the finest fleur de sel in all thier products. What is fleur de sel? It is produced by collecting the thin layer of sea salt flakes that form on the surface of the water during the evaporation process and must be skimmed off by hand. Considered a fine finishing sea salt, fleur de sel is much more than ordinary seasoning. Each time you add this wonderful salt to your plate you will taste enhanced flavours in every bite!

Allison Tremain

Allison Tremain is a Ucluelet based artist focused on capturing the natural world that surrounds her. Alcove stocks a variety of her lino prints on local upcycled wood and fine art cards.

Here is an excerpt from Alison’s artist statement: The landscape here is bountiful in it’s complexity and colour. I felt compelled to start depicting the flora and fauna that surrounds me just outside my doorstep. From a flash of a fish or the flick of a whale tail, I try to capture these split second moments. Other times exploring the beaches and rainforest, I seek out more slow intimate scenes discovering washed ashore treasures, intertidal creatures, and layers of the forest.

My transition from what I see as a linear reductive brain to opening up myself to the creative circular divergent self has allowed me to let go of the scientist’s questions and answers. I now embrace the beautiful mystery of nature and in result I have opened up the ‘artist’s eye’ capturing the colours, textures, and subject matter in my own personal way.

Salt Spring Island Artisan Vinegar

Alcove is pleased to carry Salt Spring Island Artisan Vinegar, who use traditional, two-step fermentation methods and the finest ingredients. Their vinegars are made with time, love and the best ingredients they can find (or grow!). They are fruity and bright, preserving the essence of summer. Use them in salad dressings, marinades, as a complement to steamed or roasted vegetables, any time you want a taste of summer!

Le Fil Rouge Textiles

Alcove is proud to be selling the work of Le fil rouge Textiles. The European linen is impeccable and the attention to detail in the finished product is superb! Here is a brief description of the products…

Le fil rouge Textiles is an independent design house for unique, natural textile accessories. It is our desire to bring comfort, beauty and inspiration into your life through authentic, sustainable materials and timeless designs. We treasure individuality and the beauty of simple pleasures.

We believe that, in our busy world, simplicity is the new luxury. Le fil rouge Textiles is committed to sustainability and ethical business practices.

Le fil rouge is French for “the red thread”, which has many connotations. Red is the colour of life, and every textile starts with one thread. The red thread is also a metaphor for the invisible link between events and one’s destiny. In Asia, it is known as the string of fate.

PUKalily Soaps & Lotions

PUKalily Goat Milk Soaps & Lotions are made with healing beneficial goat milk and packed full with nourishing oils, flowers, herbs and essential oils. Every goat milk bar is hand made, hand cut, hand custom stamped and air cured for 6 weeks. All bars are sealed with the Pukalily heart and infused with the wabisabi concept (the beauty of imperfection), so no two bars are ever the same.

Far Sky Maps

At Alcove we sell a large selection of Far Sky Maps. Here is the story behind the makers…

Ben and Jenn are the owners of Far Sky Map Works… and it’s with them that the story begins.Ben studied cartography at university, and following his passion for making maps, Ben began to map the story of the couple’s journey together. Out of this, Far Sky Map Works was born. Far Sky maps capture memories – memories of your hometown, your adventure, and everything in between… and they look awesome.

“Here at Far Sky, we try to take map art to a completely new level. I’m not an artist… I’m a cartographer and I have years of training and education to help me create a piece that is not only artistically pleasing but geographically accurate and precise.”

“I’ve been surrounded by art and maps my whole life. My family history includes my great grandfather C.W. Jefferys, an artist who was instrumental in the creation of Canada’s Group of Seven, and Thomas Jefferys, geographer to King George III in the 1700s.”

“I’ve visited or lived in every place I’ve mapped. I believe that having a personal connection with each location gives me the passion to make a better map by considering the experiences I’ve had, the people I’ve met, and the beauty of each landscape.”

Wild And Raven

Sherri, the owner and artist behind Wild and Raven, offers modern and sustainable clothing, infused with West Coast inspired fashion. Sherri hand draws the original art work for her clothing line, and then prints her designs onto clothing using a silk screening process and water based inks. The bamboo and organic cotton that she uses is made in Canada, and comes in sizes for everyone, from babies to adults.

Westholme Tea Farm

The folks at Teafarm are purveyors of organic loose tea, designers of artful tea blends, and growers of Canadian tea. They believe in small scale organic farming and import the finest and freshest teas available. Their tea blends are handcrafted in micro batches using only the purest ingredients nature has to offer.

Tout de Sweet Confections

Tout de Sweet Confections is a small-batch Canadian artisan candy company that specializes in making fresh confectionery sweets that are all-natural, organic, corn syrup-free, nut-free and gluten-free (the kitchen and ingredients are 100% nut-free and gluten-free!).They’re making sweets the old-fashioned way – cutting and wrapping every piece by hand and using premium ingredients like fruit found in fields across British Columbia, BC’s Avalon Dairy’s organic cream and butter, espresso from Level Ground and organic tapioca syrup.

Naked Sage Jewelry

Naked Sage jewelry is created by Jess Freeman. Every piece she creates is made by hand with love. She draws her inspiration from the rugged West Coast of Canada to the Ganga in India and everywhere in between. The beauty of the natural world has always captivated her and as a result, earth inspired shapes and colours can be found in much of her work.